Friday, April 20, 2012

1 - Saying and Blood Type

This would be a preliminary writing for the overall stories.
Let's start with a basic understanding of how blood type
is formed to a child from parents.  Sources are various
to support the overall writing.

This writing eventually will lead to people relationship
from internal approaches.  We identify whether realistic
or not, some parts are based on observation thus facts.
Apart from physical observation, usual prediction is from
sign or zodiac.  We identify there are the month's zodiac
and chinese (year) zodiac.  And then lately, prediction
using blood type becomes quite common.

It's not the intention to get the reading into some kind
of true or false situation as we know when we talk about
human, there is no certainty at all.  

I have something to write but not started since long ago.
Here's the idea.  I truly believe, relationship is formed 
from act and reaction by those people involved.  When
it comes to relationship, it consists of blended-action,
whereby others don't see them as individual anymore.

there is no WE without ME (turn the W upside down
and we get me)

there is no US without U

OK, enough about the saying.  Let's start to see first
thing about blood type.

This is paternity determination by blood type.  Blood type
can be used to disprove paternity in many cases.  We can
use the ABO blood type charts to predict the possibilities
of paternity.

We can use the charts to determine either cases, i.e.:
1.  The ABO blood type of the child when the blood type
of the father and the mother are known (first chart), or
2.  The ABO blood type of the father if the blood type
of the child and the mother are known (second chart).

Now we understand the possibility of
our blood type comes from.

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