Thursday, November 8, 2012

orphans make the best recruits

there was a time back to 8-10 years ago,
i needed to add few team members.  we
had vendors provided me resumes and
i chose names based on requirements.
usually, i have my own preferences as 
well, those based on people relationship
experiences which most of the time 
proven to be right takes.  sometimes,
i will let the options flow as it is,
and end up will still be something that
i've expected to see.  not to mention,
it also shows undeniable facts.

that day, can't really remember precise
year, i managed to shortlist at least 3 
cute brilliant girls into the team.
after finalising last interview, i gazed
to their profiles.  eventhough i was not
so surprised as it was not the first time,
again i noticed all lead to similar profile.

long ago, i've noticed an attribute and 
somehow agree that birds of a feather flock

and then i need to really say:
orphan makes the best recruits!

even we are not really linked together now,
all of them are flying high, but still 
close to heart.

i note this down to remember:
i once had 3 best recruits, and i am glad
they were part of my team!

:Everything in its right time
:Everything in its right place
:But 'til then i like it this way
:It's my way
:I like it this way

[single - natasha bedingfield]

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