Wednesday, November 9, 2011

the miracles of "chinese bamboo" in your life

all of us must have dreams
dreams of your own
dreams for your loved one
dreams for your family

have you ever feel so tired?
tired to work days after days
yet not so promising results afterall

have you ever feel so hopeless?
seeing there is no so much improvements
'though you've put all best efforts in

have you ever blame yourself?
thinking if you've done everything right
assuming you performing things differently

have you ever feel so much despair?
feeling your dreams are so far away?

what are you willing to do,
to make your dreams come true?
how long are you willing to work?
how long are you willing to take action?
how long are you willing,
to push past your fear and doubt?
how much faith and belief,
are you willing to have?

i hope your answer is one -
that will help you achieve
all you dream of in life!

as you continue to dream,
do so knowing that
to make sure you understand
the Miracle of Chinese Bamboo
because they believe you can create
miracles in YOUR own life!

have the passion and perseverance.
it's the key to achieve your dreams!

thank you to the Jenkins - for this valuable sharing

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